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You can sell your products and services to over 20,000 users and subscribers to the   site.
_ Software
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inherent: work safety, privacy,  management systems, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, business management.

For each sale made through, you will receive 60% of the final sale price.

Edirama.stroe has been active in the sale of professional publishing products since 2002, with over 6,000 active customers.
The Edirama Marketplace ensures you an additional sales channel for your products and services.

How to subscribe to the Marketplace
1) Register your shop
2) Publish your products / services and start selling them

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For info:

Read the FAQ

What is the Edirama Marketplace?
It is the virtual place that makes available to professional sellers (publishers, software houses, consultants) to present and sell their products / services.

How can I register?
Click on the “Click here to start” button

What management tools do I have?
Your shop will be entirely managed with a single and simple dedicated platform, from which you can manage offers, products, orders and messages. You also have access to all sales statistics, useful for monitoring the progress of your business and increasing your sales. You always have the option to contact us if you need assistance.

How are products loaded?
You can upload your products using the practical web interface or choose the automatic procedures. All information and instructions will be available in the area reserved for sellers and in the user manual.

How much does it cost to sell with
Nothing. You will pay only 40% of the transaction. If your product / service is sold for € 100 you will receive € 60

How are payments made?
A dedicated payment service will securely collect the transacted amounts. Periodically you will receive the amount due directly to your bank account or PayPal account for completed transactions.

Can I contact Edirama in case of problems with buyers?
Sure. You can count on us even in case of misunderstandings and difficult to solve situations: our protection program protects the rights of our customers, without harming yours. Contact us if you want to know more about the program rules.

If I no longer want to sell on, what should I do?
You can cancel your account whenever you want without any time constraints. In any case, remember that, for any problem, you can contact us and we will help you solve it.

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